With roots back to 1958, the Society of American Federal Medical Laboratory Scientists (SAFMLS) is a non-profit organization that was officially established in 1971.  SAFMLS is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes in relationship to the laboratory sciences. 
            The primary objective is that of maintaining and enhancing high professional standards through improved laboratory policies and technology in support of the health care delivery systems of the Armed Forces, Public Health Services and Veterans Administration.  Membership is open to qualified military (active and reserve component), Public Health Service and Veteran's Administration personnel, and their affiliated scientists concerned with the support of health care via laboratory research and evaluation.          

  1. Col Angela Hudson, USAF
  2. CPT Jason Reeves, USA
    Vice President
  3. Maj Aaron Lambert, USAF
  4. Maj Karen Buikema, USAF
  5. COL Eva Calero, USA
    Past President
  6. Col Nathan Johnson, USAF
    Air Force MT Ex-Officio
  1. Col Donald Trummel, USAF
    Air Force Pathology Ex-Officio
  2. COL Eva Calero, USA
    Army MT Ex-Officio
  3. COL Karen Burmeister, USA
    Army Pathology Ex-Officio
  4. CDR Todd Tetreault, USN
    Navy MT Ex-Officio
  5. CAPT Patrick Lawson, USN
    Navy Pathology Ex-Officio
  6. Maj Patrick Cutter, USAF
    Air Force Member at Large
  1. Lt Crystal Davis, USAF
    Air Force Member at Large
  2. MAJ Melissa Baltazar, USA
    Army Member at Large
  3. CPT Sarah Matthews, USA
    Army Member at Large
  4. LCDR Stacie Milavec, USN
    Navy Member at Large
  5. LT Tammy Nguyen, USN
    Navy Member at Large
  6. MSgt Lisa Stallard, USAF
    Enlisted Member at Large
  1. LtCol Jeannette Watterson, USAF
    Conference Director/Site Selection
  2. LtCol Paul Eden, USAF
    Editor, The Society Scope
  3. Capt Rochelle Hase, USAF
    Editor, The Society Scope
  4. COL Michael Kozar, USA
  5. LTC Eric Lee, USA
    Pace Coordinator
  6. CPT James Lehman, USA
    Webmaster/Online Registration